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The Last Guardian is narrower than Shadow of the Colossus, less of a "video game". Also, screens!

Contrasting the team's first two games, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, as "computer entertainment" and "a video game" respectively, Ueda-san has described the upcoming Last Guardian as being in the former camp. Said terminology seems to be his short-hand for comparing smaller, more intimate adventures with sweeping action epics, and his statements regarding TGL's new gameplay details seem to back that up.

He explains that unlike SotC's gigantic, free-roaming kingdom, TLG's location isbasedarounda single environment, the sprawling,sun-bleachedcastle we've seen so much of in the trailers. Although this doesn't mean that the game will be spent entirely in stoney, enclosed areas of light and shadow - the setting will be an extensive and eclectic environment - it does bode for rather a different kind of journey.

It seems the relationship between the boy and beast will be a genuine progression throughout the game. At first the big furry feathered fella will be completely indifferent to his small human companion, ignoring his influence and buggering off on his own to do whatever he feels like doing. Given time though, familiarity, trust, and a real bond will build,giving the two the kind of inseparable, understanding, emotionally-closedynamic that Team Ico will use to ABSOLUTELY CRUSH ALL OUR HOPES should they choose to kill one of them off at the end. Which I personally don't reckon they will. But we'll see.

Either way, manliness at the door and hankies at the ready when The Last Guardian hits the PS3 this winter. Otherwise you're doing it wrong. Want more screens in the meantime? Check out the full batch ofnew onesfrom GDC.

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