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The Inception trailer goes with everything

The Inception trailer is a gold-wrapped gift to the internet's tradition of mash-ups. The trailer's music alone lathers a suffocatingly-thick coat of drama on anything it touches, as evidenced by this way-better-than-the-actual-trailer Alan Wake trailer. And beneath that, Psychonauts gets a full Inception trailer work up - the result is phenomenal, and a little disturbing...

Above: Wake up, Alan, you just got slapped in the face with a sock full of INTENSE

Above: We get chills when Tim Schafer's name hits that beat

We tried our hand, and found that the Little Big Planet 2 debut trailer works surprisingly well. We barely even tried! It really does go with everything...

What other games shouldbe Inception'd?Go nuts with the help of YouTube Doubler.

Sep 14, 2010