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The Geek Syndicate SFX Weekender Challenge

Coming to the Weekender? Then you could be in with a chance of winning a Doctor Who Animated Chess Set (Lenticular Edition)

Coming to the SFX Weekender ? Then here is your mission, set by our chums at Geek Syndicate , should you choose to accept it. Seek the geeks .

They are runnin a competition at the Weekender challenging people to seek out and find as many of the Geek Syndicate team as possible. In order to win a prize they want you to seek out all the Geek Syndicate teamsters at the SFX Weekender. There will be 10 of them attending and you’ll need to get your photo taken with at least seven of them to get a prize and there will be a grand prize for the person to get all 10 of them. Once you find them feel free to shout “Get your Geek on Ninjas!” (We’re not sure what the Grand Prize is, but SFX has donated them a Doctor Who Animated Chess Set Lenticular Edition so that’ll be up for grabs for someone.)

But how will know them? They will be all wearing Geek Syndicate badges – like the one pictured – to make life a little simpler.

How do you claim your prize? Once you have seven of you with difference Geeksters, then ask the seventh member of the GS team you found to arrange your prize. If you are the first to have all ten then you get the special prize.

You will be able to follow us on twitter @geeksyndicate using #seekthegeeks

In case you want a check list, the names of the Geek Syndicate people attending are: Barry “The Nuge” Nugent, David “Monts” Monteith, Montoya, Mattie, Matt, Dion, Amy, Phil, Clover and Antony.

Good luck all.