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The Game of Thrones cast react to the season 6 finale and yes, there's spoilers here

So. It's over. After ten weeks of painstakingly avoiding Game of Thrones spoilers on social media, we've come to the end of what is definitely the best season of Thrones yet. It's not often you can say that about season 6 of anything and while we didn't think it could top last week's pitch perfect Battle of the Bastards, episode 10, The Winds of Winter was frankly breathtaking. And it turns out we weren't the only ones watching. There's just the small matter of the cast. Here's just a few reactions from  those who already knew what was coming. If you've got this far and thought there wouldn't be spoilers, out you go. 

Cersei just isn't sorry and is dishing out some helpful advice to boot. 

Here's a final Tyrell family portrait while everyone still has a face.

Maisie Williams takes a minute to call out the excellent score.

Lyanna Stark is being modest about her son.

Ser Davos is just pleased we like it and aww, too scratchy <3

Pod understands our pain of another 42 weeks. A good squire does that.

Pyp has more to be getting on with than just Thrones.

And finally, Rickon's tweet from last week seems to be the only apt way to finish this. #yesyoushould

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