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TalkRadar 148 - Portal Kombat

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Who needs Clue and Mouse Trap when we've got Ace Attorney and Chu Chu Rocket?

A bloody good fighter that reboots and redeems the wayward series

GLaDOS is back, and she thinks you look fat

What's the first thing you ordered online?
With all the Portal 2 goings-on that ensued on Steam this week, it occurred to us that we very rarely buy anything in an actual store anymore. And it's not because we're old! Sure, online purchasing has been omnipresent for some time, but we're betting even the younglings among you can remember your first item bought on the web. If only because of the required credit card! Let us know and we might read your response LIVE on TalkRadar 149!

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In the office

Above: The office Pokemon tournament got very heated this week, as Henry narrowly beat Brett in the first round, avenging his loss to Elston from a year previous...

Above: While Mike Grimm routed Eric handily, which lead to a final match between Grimm and Henry. And the winner was...

Above: Michael Grimm! Here's Grimm being presented with his award by reigning Poke-Queen Carolyn. Shesat out the tourney to give the rest of the office a chance at winning

In the community

Artist: AFilthyIbis

Artist: Mooshon

Artist: Spybreak8

Artist: batman5273

Artist: bonesawisreadyforsomefootball

Artist: graboids

Artist: graboids

Artist: poiman

Artist: poiman (again)

Artist: poiman (there's no stopping this guy!)

Post date: April 22, 2011
T-Dar146 length: 2:39:32
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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