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Super Nintendo World construction is underway at Universal Studios Hollywood

Super Nintendo World
(Image credit: Universal Studios)

Super Nintendo World construction is well underway at Universal Studios Hollywood, and fans are peeking in to see the progress on the project so far.

Super Nintendo World finally opened in Japan last month after extended delays (it was originally set to open in time for the Tokyo Olympics last summer, but the pandemic ensured exactly neither of those things actually happened). The Osaka location was always meant to be the first of many and attendees can now plainly see that Universal is at work on its Hollywood counterpart.

As spotted by Nintendo Life, a video from theme park enthusiast and YouTuber jsland shows you just about everything you could see of the LA Super Nintendo World location without throwing your hat at a construction worker and piloting their body into the off-limits areas (and you shouldn't do that because it's rude). Skip to 7:21 in the video when jsland zooms into the park from high up and off in the distance, breaking down which parts of the attraction already have their framing up and what's likely to go where.

He also heads into the park proper for a closer look at the elements which are already visible from the outside, which at this point are mostly rolling green hills studded with some of those, uh, extra colorful spotted hills? The Mushroom Kingdom has weird geography, I don't know what to call them.

Universal Parks and Resorts hasn't yet set an opening date for the Universal Studios Hollywood Super Nintendo World, but hopefully it won't suffer the same delays that have reportedly pushed the Orlando location's opening back to 2025. 

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