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New "top-secret" Spider-Man costume revealed

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

New year, new Spider-Man costume. 

(Image credit: Dustin Weaver (Marvel Comics))

Marvel has revealed Spider-Man's new costume as teased in the waning days of 2020 (see below).  Scheduled to debut in comics with March 10's Amazing Spider-Man #61, this new costume is reminiscent of the recent Superior Octopus design, crossed with the color scheme of the teen hero Gravity - who was created based on inspired from Spider-Man.

For more on the Dustin Weaver-designed story, read our standalone story on the new Spider-Man costume's announcement.

Original story follows...

Marvel Comics still isn't revealing any hint of Spider-Man's new costume, which he'll wear into battle against Kingpin in Amazing Spider-Man #62 as announced in Marvel's just-released March 2021 solicitations. But the publisher has now unveiled Patrick Gleason's main cover for the issue (with the costume censored of course) - and promised more info to come next week.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

"Following the traumatic events of Sins Rising, Peter Parker will need a new suit for his faceoff against Kingpin in the next arc of writer Nick Spencer's hit run," reads Marvel's statement released with the new cover. "This top-secret costume will debut in March's issues of Amazing Spider-Man. Discover the mystery and the story behind it when it's revealed in all its glory next week!"

Amazing Spider-Man #62 is due out March 24.

Original story follows:

The long-time face of Marvel Comics, Spider-Man, will be getting "a new look" this March. 

(Image credit: Julian Totino Tedesco (Marvel Comics))

In the just-released Marvel Comics March 2021 solicitations, the publisher has revealed that the wall-crawler will look different beginning in March 10's Amazing Spider-Man #61. But like any fashion maven, he's keeping that look under wraps for now - instead revealing this variant cover by Julian Totino Tedesco with his original costume. 

January 5's Amazing Spider-Man #56 has Norman Osborn and Kingpin literally tearing a Spider-Man mask in half. Usually, covers are a metaphor for what's happening in-continuity inside the issue itself, but perhaps this is a clue as to why this "new look" is needed.

Steve Ditko's classic 1962 design of Spider-Man has remained the standard in the 50+ years, but Peter Parker has tried on some different looks - many of which were available as alt-costumes in the PS4/PS5 Spider-Man game. Heck, one of them - the '80s black suit - evolved from a fan-submitted design to becoming its own character (Venom) that's become a pillar of Marvel.

(Image credit: Mark Bagley (Marvel Comics))

We're not saying that to put any pressure on writer Nick Spencer and artist Patrick Gleason ahead of this debut - but hey, what could be.

The man inside the Spider-Man suit, Peter Parker, will also be getting a new job in this issue. A year or so ago he was fired from The Daily Bugle, leading him to re-enroll in university and finish off that doctoral thesis he's been putting off. There's no idea over what it could be, but it's too bad a superhero can't earn a steady paycheck by, you know, superheroing.

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