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Sony announces 4.1 million Moves sold

Just one day after Microsoft announced that it has sold2.5 million Kinect units, Sony has come forward to step on that achievement, boasting more than 4 million PlayStation Move sales since its launch a couple months earlier.

The Move launched on September 17 in the US, meaning it has sold around 53,000 units on average every day since then. The Kinect, meanwhile, was released just this month, on November 4, and has thus been selling at arate of about100,000 per day, suggesting that Move's current lead won't last for long.

Microsoft has never spent more to promote a single Xbox product than it has for Kinect, and it appears to be working. Nevertheless, while Move may not be in every single TV commercial break you see, it seems to be holding its own... though4.1 million is still only a small chunk of the estimated PS3 install base of 41.6 million.


Nov 30, 2010

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