13 crazy Super Smash Bros. tricks you totally need to learn

Launch Yoshi's Edge-canceling Eggs

Yoshi players unite, theres a move for you too! Normally, when hanging from the edge of a stage, you only have a certain amount of time before your character lets go of the edge and falls to KO-ville, but with his Egg attack and a little bit of finesse, Yoshi can hang out on the side of the arena for as long as he wants.

To make this work, Yoshi needs to be hanging off of the edge of the stage. Yoshi must then fall towards his death, do his air jump hnnnnnngggggg to the edge he just fell off of, and shoot an egg right as he lines up with the edge. If successful, Yoshi will grab on to the stage again, resetting the time he can hang on. Repeat ad nauseum for a potent edge game and a method that will make a LOT of people angry.

Back when Melee was originally released, Link and Young Link held a strange secret, using two weapons from their extensive repertoires, both Links could shoot themselves high into the air without jumping, a la the Flight of Ganon in Brawl we spoke of earlier. It didnt really serve a competitive purpose other than being able to get out of a trapped at the edge situation, but it was still cool to see.

To make this work, Link (or Young Link) must throw his trusty boomerang, then jump off the side of the platform and shoot his Hookshot into the edge, making him hang off the side. The boomerang will travel back, hit Link, and send him skyrocketing. Were not sure what makes the boomerang able to do that; this is Melee, so the Gale Boomerang wasnt even known yet, but that boomerang must have some hidden power we weren't aware of. Thats it, weve got it! The next game is The Legend of Zelda: The Secret of the Boomerang. Youre welcome, everyone.

Gliding with Mario's Cape

You didnt think we were going to get through an entire Smash Brothers technique gallery without mentioning one for the big cheese, did you? Mario is the all-around choice for new players, but in Super Smash Brothers Brawl veteran players discovered one wicked way for the plucky plumber to guard the edges when an opponent is coming back to the battlefield.

To make this Cape Glide work, Mario must dash toward the edge, then just as he goes over it but before he starts to fall, throw out the Cape (Forward+B). The momentum of the cape will send him way farther than he normally would go, allowing him to meet an opponent for an extra hit while keeping his second and third jumps for recovery. Its a nifty high-risk, high-reward move that makes Mario that much more suitable in battle, and really more of us should be playing as the main Nintendo man anyway, right?

Which moves will you show us?

Pretty neat, huh? Some of them are pretty hard to pull off, but figuring them out is quite the feat. You'll feel a lot more confident in your Smashing if you can get these thirteen techniques down, and that rival of yours will be eating your dust.

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