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13 characters who need your vote in the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot

The Amazon

Super Smash Bros. could use a true grappler on its roster, and who better to fill the position than The Amazon, the fishman-turned-wrestler from the 1987 NES classic Pro Wrestling? Unlike many Smash Bros. characters, The Amazon has always been a fighter, with a flair for the theatrical that's inherent to every costumed wrestler. With moves that include biting his opponents face or gouging them with a fork, as well as slams and bone-crunching clotheslines, hes more than up to any challenge.

The Elite Beat Agents

Agents are GO! The Ice Climbers in Brawl let you control two characters at once; now its time to go a step further with the trio of Agents J, Derek, and Morris from Elite Beat Agents. What this threesome lacks in fighting experience they can surely more than make up for with their agile dance moves; expect lots of rhythm- and timing-based attacks. If a three-on-one battle seems unfair, maybe they can just rotate in tag-team-style, a la Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Pokemon Trainer.


Groose, Links rival from Skyward Sword, might seem conceited and narcissistic. But when youre that debonair, whats wrong with letting everyone know it? His large stature and experience as a knight-in-training would surely make Groose a powerful fighter, and he could enlist the help of his giant Loftwing bird for some excellent aerial abilities. And Groose already has the perfect Final Smash: a giant catapult known only as the Groosenator.


While some Smash brawlers get extra powers so they stand a chance in Smash (Samus would incinerate Diddy Kong otherwise) Bayonetta already has enough of skills to be an incredible fighter. She'd use all four guns for basic attacks, combos could involve fancy hair-based moves, and her butterfly wings would make it easy to get back to the stage after a near-knockout. Plus, if you tone down her sexiness to E-rating levels, having a demon munch on her opponents would be an amazing Final Smash.

Rock the vote

Which character do you plan to vote for in the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot? Do the aforementioned characters sound like they'd be amazing as DLC? Did you put in a good word for the increasingly popular Shovel Knight and Shield Knight, pictured above? Or are you one of those people who's all gung-ho about Waluigi? Let us know in the comments below!

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