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SFX 227 On Sale Now!

The latest SFX is on sale now with features on James Bond, Doctor Who , Red Dwarf and Merlin !

Check out the new issue of SFX, on the shelves now:

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Plus We Celebrate 50 Years Of Out-Of-This-World Adventure...

To celebrate the golden anniversary of James Bond (and of course the upcoming release of Skyfall ) SFX has exclusive producer interviews, an article on how to write the perfect Bond novel, rare movie posters from the past and more to deliver a view (to a kill) into the strange world of our favourite double-oh agent.

James Bond

Red Dwarf X
SFX interviews the cast, who talk about being back on set after their long (well, three-year) hiatus and the perils of old age.

Red Dwarf

A Brief History Of Time Travel
Second only to hurtling faster than the speed of light through galaxies and universes is zipping along to the past and future. With the surprise SF gem Looper bringing temporal shenanigans to the cinema this autumn, we investigate the best time travel stories and the rules they play by.

Matt Smith Interviewed
Speaking of time travel... The Eleventh Doctor talks to SFX about departures, the evolution of the Doctor, his own legacy and big-name guest stars.

Doctor Who

All You Need To Know About The Wolverine !
SFX reveals all you need to know about the latest in the X-Men saga, what Hugh Jackman has to say about it, and the possibility of an ultra violent director’s cut.

View Screen
In the second of edition of TV review section View Screen we interview True Blood ’s Stephen Moyer, and have definitive commentary of the latest from the television gods: Alphas , Futurama , Grimm , Teen Wolf , Tron:Uprising and Warehouse 13 .

Massive Reviews Section
This month’s issue is crammed with enough reviews for a billion hungry ferrets to sink their teeth into: Looper , The Possession , Holy Motors , Mars Attacks: 50th Anniversary Edition art book, Terry Pratchett's Dodger , The Art Of Judge Dredd , Iain M Banks's The Hydrogen Sonata , Resident Evil: Retribution , The Hole of Tank Girl , Alien: The Illustrated Story , Zombies At Tiffany’s , The Dirty Streets Of Heaven , Joss Whedon's The Cabin In The Woods , Avengers Assemble , superhero toilet paper and many more...


And on top of all that: Russell T Davies on Wizards Vs Aliens , a competition to win an interview with Iain M Banks , your top requests for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 , five things you need to know about TMNT , interviews with the cast of Merlin and Tim Burton on bringing Frankenweenie back to life.

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