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PSN has summer deals on Journey, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, and more

This year's PlayStation Store PLAY promotion is all about the PS4 indies. North American PlayStation Plus members who pre-order any of the four new/newly ported games will get better deals, and everybody who buys two or more of the featured titles will get a general 10-percent discount code in September.

The first game in the four-week promotion is Journey, which will be releases on PS4 on July 21 - though if you bought it for PS3, you'll automatically get the new version free. The other three are all for PS4, too: precision platformer N++ arrives on July 28, then classic-anime-inspired space shooter Galak-Z on August 4, and lastly pre-apocalyptic mystery game Everybody's Gone To The Rapture on August 11.

Journey will cost $11.99 for PS Plus pre-orders and $14.99 ordinarily, and all the rest of the PLAY games will cost $15.99 for PS Plus pre-order and $19.99 otherwise. Taken together, it's a nice little reprieve from the late summer gaming doldrums... if you can overcome the creeping suspicion that they'll all show up as free PlayStation Plus games a few months later.

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Connor Sheridan
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