Best PS4 steering wheels for 2019

The best PS4 steering wheel deals of 2019

It might raise the odd question or eyebrow at first inspection, but a PS4 steering wheel or racing car setup still has a certain magic and allure to them. They still offer one of the closest to real life experiences that games can offer, and if you're a gamer who is a huge racing or driving fan, then they represent the dream peripheral and setup. Driving around world famous tracks and in some of the best cars of all time are brought scarily to life by these dedicated, specialist bits of gaming kit. But the experience is second to none.

Today's best US deal

Logitech G29 Steering Wheel for $213.99 at Amazon
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Today's best UK deal

Logitech G29 Steering Wheel for £199.99 at Amazon UK
A similarly good deal for UK gamers at Amazon, where you can bag the G29 for all your driving needs with a healthy 33% off.View Deal

Nowadays, the setups you can create with the kit that's on offer are seriously impressive, and the best PS4 steering wheels available will offer a wide variety of experiences. Therefore making sure you get the right one for you, at the right price, may well seem daunting, at first. That’s where we come in as we’ve driven around all of the internet (almost) to find the best PS4 steering wheels - and deals - right here so you can make an informed decision on what to get, and how much to spend. Ranging from the more basic to the impressively sophisticated, there's plenty going on. However, we always say this: PS4 steering wheels are one of the peripherals where you’ll definitely get better quality (maybe even more kit) if you can stretch your budget even by a little. This can get you whole extra items like clutch pedals or gear sticks, and its these additions which can make your experience even more realistic.

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1. Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel

The best PS4 steering wheel - an amazing package of features at an unbeatable price

Rotation: 900° | Pedals: 3 | Buttons: 16 | Adjustable pedals: No

High quality force feedback motor
Comes with three excellent pedals
Compatible with PS4, PS3 and PC
Bargainous price
Not quite as luxury as the Fanatec model

Logitech has a long history of great PlayStation wheels, dating back to the days of Gran Turismo 3. The current version offers Force Feedback, three pedals and compatibility with both PS4 and PS3 (as well as PC).

Wheelbase quality
Strong Force Feedback comes from a compact servo with a built-in clamp, allowing you to get set up and racing on any desk very quickly. The wheel rim isn’t interchangeable, but you can add a manual stick shift to it later if you prefer. 

Wheel quality
Since you can’t take the wheel off, it needs to be a good one, and thankfully it is. Control is super-smooth and the plush-feeling finish combines with good button placement and an integrated clicker wheel to give you the feeling that you have complete control over your vehicle. The stainless steel paddle shifters are well-positioned too - it’s a solid-feeling unit with everything within easy reach. 

Pedal quality
Resistance isn’t a strong point of this pedal set, but considering the Xbox equivalent has issues with too much resistance, that’s probably a better way to be. You do get three pedals, though, so you can drop the clutch on the start line, which is a big advantage if you like your racing on the serious side. The pedal base isn’t particularly large, which gives it a very slight ‘toy’ feeling, but given the price, you’re getting a full pedal set included with a superb wheel, so there’s not much reason to complain. 

2. Fanatec CSL Elite Starter Kit for PS4 (and PC)

The best PS4 wheel for serious racers

Rotation: 1080° | Pedals: 2 | Buttons: 15 | Adjustable pedals: Yes

Incredible force feedback engine
Feels like driving a real car
Customisable to the extreme
Costs more than your entire PS4

Yes, the price is higher than the console you’re playing on, but on the balance of price vs quality, this is undoubtedly the absolute best racing wheel on PS4. While not the top-of-the-range entry in Fanatec’s catalogue, the quality of this wheel and pedals set is far, far superior to the next entry on the list, and arguably feels better to use than the ultra-deluxe ClubSport pack thanks to superb pedals and a formidable force feedback motor, which is why we’ve chosen it over its bigger brother.

Wheelbase quality
You simply won’t believe how strong the Force Feedback motor is in this wheelbase. In an F1 game, pick a classic Williams and go for a drive around the bumpy streets of Monaco, and you’ll literally be wrestling with the wheel as it judders around, trying to shake itself free of the straight line you’re attempting to drive. It’s simply magnificent, and so solid you’ll really feel like there is a real car connected to the wheel in your hands. Having an integrated rev bar lighting up as you play is also really cool, as long as the game you’re playing supports it, of course. It also comes with a clamp so you can secure it to a desk or racing seat without bolting it down, which will be useful for those who don’t want a permanent setup in their living room. 

Steering wheel quality
While the fundamental quality of this wheel can’t be knocked, this standard rim can be removed and upgraded later if you fancy something a bit more exotic than a plain, circular, slightly undersized wheel. The shifter paddles have been designed to click in a satisfying way, and they’re centred for racing style steering wheel grip. There’s also a built-in screen at the top of the wheel, which can be used to tinker with your wheel’s calibration parameters, or used for telemetry data in compatible games. 

Pedal quality
This is Fanatec’s lower-spec pedal set, and this bundle doesn’t come with a clutch pedal, so if you’re serious about manual gears, you should consider either the ClubSport pedals or upgrading the existing brake pedal to a Loadcell version, and using the old brake pedal as a clutch instead. The metal housing allows you to move pedals as you see fit, adding comfort and flexibility to an already formidable setup. However, the basic pedals themselves are a joy to use regardless, with superb resistance under your braking foot, and smooth, controllable throttle input. Wheelspin and locked brakes will soon be a thing of the past. Some may actually prefer these pedals to the more expensive ones. We do.

3. Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari GTE Official Force Feedback wheel

Superb Force Feedback wheel for the mid-range tier

Rotation: 1080° | Pedals: 2 | Buttons: 12 | Adjustable pedals: Yes

Excellent force feedback that feels real
PS3 compatible
You might need to upgrade to better pedals
Undercut by Logitech in price

Thrustmaster has a wealth of options but the T300 is the gold standard for mid-tier Force Feedback wheels on PS4, but it is significantly more expensive at present than Logitech’s similarly-specced bundle. Still, this unit is highly recommended, as the feeling of driving with this wheel in an all-out sim like Assetto Corsa is simply sublime: precise, immersive control that makes you feel like you’re actually in the car as you hurtle around Silverstone. 

Wheelbase quality
The fundamental quality of the Force Feedback motor is excellent, with strong forces pushing and pulling at you as you turn thanks to the brushless motor inside. This allows you to feel the car’s adhesion with the surface of the road as the steering goes light in your hands when you’re understeering. It’s also compatible with PS3 which is excellent if you fancy dipping back into the likes of Sega Rally or OutRun Online HD. This is an officially-licensed wheel, too, which means the chances of it being compatible with your favourite game is much higher than cheaper models. Buy with confidence.

Wheel quality
This is a lovely, solid racing wheel that feels smooth as you turn it. The T300 base is modular, too, which means you can switch out rims if you decide you want to upgrade further down the line. As for this one, it features Ferrari branding, a toggle switch for whichever car setting you decide to assign it to (maybe brake bias? That would be cool) and a nice red indicator stripe so you can see when the wheel is centered in games like Dirt Rally. However, there’s no dedicated clutch paddle (or pedal) or handbrake included, so you’ll need to use one of the face buttons if you need those, which isn’t ideal. 

Pedal Quality
While this isn’t the best Thrustmaster pedals set (we prefer the T3PA pedal set, sold separately), as you only get accelerator and brake pedals out of the box, it’s a perfectly functional set with precise control over your inputs, meaning less wheelspin and more controlled braking. The base plate is large enough to rest your feet on, which makes it less likely to move if it’s unsecured. And if you want better pedals, you don’t need to buy an entirely new bundle. So while this starter pack contains everything you need to get racing in a serious way, if you find yourself wanting more, you can pick and mix down the line. Perfect.

4. RWA: Racing Wheel Apex from HORI

On a budget? Check this out

Rotation: 270° max | Pedals: 2 | Buttons: 16 | Adjustable pedals: Yes

Wheels and pedals for fun racing
Wallet-friendly price
No force feedback
Restrictive 270° rotation angle

HORI has made a name for itself in its fighting game controllers, but it’s branched out into steering wheels too, most notably with this budget-level PS4 and PS3 setup. It’s officially-licensed, too, though you might have to adjust some of the control options both on the wheel and in the games to get the most out of compatibility - this wheel isn’t listed in every game’s steering wheel presets. Still, it’s perfectly serviceable for most games.

Wheelbase quality
There are clear entry-level features here, with suction pads for tabletop use (though there’s also a clamp too if you have a racing seat) and no Force Feedback to enjoy, meaning this wheel is very much entry-level. That said, it’s a good size, and there’s an adjustable rotation angle - you can either set it to 180 degrees of movement for quick direction changes in arcade titles, or you can boost that to 270 degrees of rotation for more serious sims. It’s still far from the realistic rotation angles of other wheels on this list, but the choice is appreciated.

Wheel quality
The wheel itself is plasticky, but smooth and glossy, with a nice, chunky design. The buttons are fully re-mappable, which means you can set your pit radio or brake bias buttons where you want them for maximum control during the race. It’s also pleasant to see two buttons embedded in the wheel rim itself, allowing you to open DRS or look behind you in any F1 game without moving your thumb from the wheel. Very nice. 

Pedal quality
There’s no clutch pedal and what you get is rather plasticky. However, there is adjustable sensitivity on the pedals and a retractable, tactile footrest to help you keep the unit under your toes. Considering the price, you’re getting a decent wheel, but if you’re serious about your driving games, you will get far more from any of the other wheels on this list.

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