PS3 F1 vid: 52 crashes in 85 seconds

You might remember last week we spent a long time playing MotorStorm and crashing a lot. It was kind of therapeutic. With no pressure to actually win anything, we just drove head first into boulders and entered a catatonic daze as our vehicle elegantly disintegrated before our glazed-over eyes.

With import copies of PS3's Formula 1: Championship Edition arriving in the GamesRadar office, an elevated level of high-speed collision has become our new object of desire. It's simple really, F1 cars go faster, race on a narrower track and have more opponents - providing more opportunities for deliberate high-speed horseplay.

Above: It might look safe at the moment, but we're just about to step on the gas...

The results are nothing short of spectacular. Not least because of the amount of disruption you can cause by simply clipping another driver's wheels - even really gently. We even thought of cutting these pile-ups to some moving orchestral music, like Barber's "Adagio for Strings," for effect. It didn't amount to more than a thought. Maybe we'll do it for the next installment.

Click the Movies tab, launch the video player, and find "Formula 1 Championship Edition: 52 crashes in 85 seconds 01-17-07" to see the footage, or alternatively watch it on YouTube here.

January 17, 2007