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Press junkets rated: UFC 2009 Undisputed

Being in ‘the industry’ we get to visit loads of gaming press events. The most recent we attended was for THQ's UFC 2009 Undisputed, at the Ultimate Training Centre in Birmingham. Seeing as we only previewed UFC a few weeks back, and with review code still a month away, we decided to rate the event itself instead. Thought these industry shindigs were all booth babes, free games and champers flutes? Think again.

A gym. Heavy on weights light on free beer.

Radar rating: 5/10

A strong line-up of French pastries, Bhaajis and smoothies.

Radar rating: 7/10

Seeing men of fighting hug like below was ‘interesting’.

Seeing men of fighting repeatedly get flummoxed when they pressed the Xbox guide button was the undisputed highlight, though.

Radar rating: 8/10

20 foot character cut-outs are so last season. Dumbbells heavier than Queen Latifah and wrestling dolls are in.

Radar rating: 6/10

No Z-listers here. Instead, there were lots of squat men. We were going to ask for their names, but their scowls kept us fifty feet away at all times.

Radar rating: 4/10

Not much in the way of double X chromosome action. But the below is a close substitute, right?

Radar rating: 0/10

Free copies of the game were MIA. But at least we got weight loss pills to shake off those excess kcals from our lunch.

Radar rating: 5/10

Overall Radar rating:

What the event lacked in babes it made up for in Bhaajis. A solid showing from THQ for their fighting event.

Apr 9