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Pokemon X and Y sell 4 million copies worldwide in first 2 days

Pokemon X and Y sold more than 4 million units in the Americas, Europe, and Japan, Nintendo announced today. The two versions combined made for the fastest-selling Nintendo 3DS title ever.

Nintendo said direct comparisons to previous Pokemon launches are tricky, since X and Y had the first-ever simultaneous worldwide launch in the 17-year-old franchise's history. But when comparing regional figures, X and Y are ahead of Pokemon Black and White Version 2 by more than 70 percent at the same point in their launch.

More than 245 million Pokemon games have been sold globally. The best-selling Pokemon titles of all time are Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, with 17.63 million in global sales.

But with the holidays coming and the 3DS reigning supreme in the U.S. and Japan , X and Y stand a good chance of dethroning them.

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