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Pokemon Go gameplay improvements test includes the option to skip hatching animations

pokemon go duskull
(Image credit: Niantic)

Pokemon Go developer Niantic will soon be testing out a range of gameplay adjustments in order to improve the game. 

In a blog post shared to Pokemon Go Live, Niantic announced that certain players will soon have the opportunity to test out some new gameplay improvements. "We continually strive to improve the Pokemon Go experience," the statement reads, "as such, we want to ensure the changes we make are beneficial to—and make a strong, positive impact on—the greater community, as well as each individual Trainer’s experience"

Although Niantic didn’t reveal all of the improvements it will be trying out, the Pokemon Go developer did share a sneak peek at the new features which include egg hatch updates (including the option to skip the hatch animation), nickname suggestions for new trainers, an expanded set of Trainer Tips, new PokeStop functionalities, and a Special Research story that introduces new Trainers to the world of Pokemon Go. 

The announcement ends with Niantic promising to roll out the final version of these improvements and others if the testing phase is successful. Whilst developing these new Pokemon Go features, Niantic is also hard at work on a Pikmin-themed mobile game, which was initially announced earlier this year. 

According to a recent Nintendo financial report, which was shared publicly in August of this year, Pikmin Go - as it is unofficially called - is still on track to release this year. Very little is known about this Nintendo title other than, like Pokemon Go, it aims to encourage its players to go outdoors and "make walking more delightful." It recently went through public testing in Singapore , so let’s hope it’ll be available worldwide soon. 

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