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Strike a pose for the best selfies in PlayStation gaming

What is it about getting a camera in our hands that makes us want to turn the lens on ourselves? From fighters and foes to friends and footballers, it seems like everyone is getting in on the act, so join us as we try pulling a pout with the slickest snappers PlayStation has to offer.

Watch Dogs 2

Ultimate millennial Marcus Holloway knows his way around a selfie pose. And when Marcus takes selfies at ScoutX locations across San Fran, he gains more followers. In Ubisoft’s open world, followers are the key to toppling evil corporation Blume. And to think your mum said taking photos of yourself would never change the world.

The Last Of Us: Left Behind

Ellie might not be a normal teen – growing up in post-apocalyptic America is a valid excuse – but she gets the hang of pulling daft faces for a camera instantly. Discovering a photo booth in an abandoned mall gives her and Riley a chance to forget about the wandering infected. It’s so adorable, you’ll even forgive Riley for breaking out the bunny ears.

Final Fantasy 15

What’s a road trip with your best buds if you don’t have a strong Facebook album at the end of it? While the foursome at the heart of this JRPG look like a boy band who got knocked out of The X Factor early on, they know how to crack out a good selfie. Honestly, they take so many selfies they make the Kardashians look shy.

PES 2016

Art imitates life here, with Francesco Totti’s selfie celebration sneaking into Konami’s footballing masterclass. Score with the ageless star and he’ll magic an iPhone out of thin air, peer into the camera, and flash a satisfied smirk.

Life Is Strange

If anyone on this list knows what they’re doing when it comes to cracking out selfie art, it’s Max Caulfield. Studying photography at Blackwell Academy, she documents life with her Polaroid. She even gets caught taking one during class. Frankly, if grabbing a modern portrait is wrong, we don’t want to be right.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Do you really think the narcissistic trio at the heart of Los Santos could resist a few for the ‘gram? Of course not. Whether it’s Michael humblebragging by showing off his mansion or Trevor posing with a fresh corpse, these lunatics aren’t going to let their life of crime stop them from attaining social media stardom.

Uncharted 4

Who can blame handsome Nathan Drake for whipping out his Sony phone (natch) when he’s rampaging his way through his swan song’s multiplayer because the light is just right next to his fallen foe? And to be fair, if you’re going to taunt someone writhing in agony by taking a selfie with them, you’d best have flattering illumination.

Tearaway Unfolded

The cutest game on PS4 gets even cuter when the Squirrel King gifts you a camera. It’s the perfect tool for Iota or Atoi to grab selfies. You’ll struggle to beat your first photo, though. The charitable critter who donates his camera also photobombs at the last second.

Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor

“Hang on, cameras don’t exist in Middle-earth,” you’re probably thinking. While Mordor might be a smartphone-free zone, an excellent photo mode gives us the ability to create selfie magic. Getting one of your nemeses in a dignity-extinguishing shot pops an extra-sweet cherry on top of murdering them up.

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