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Play with us! Last Halo 2 match EVER, Monday 4/12

You may have heard that Microsoft will be discontinuing Xbox Live support for original Xbox games on April 15. You may have also heard that Halo 2 was and even still is ranked as the top original XBL multiplayer game. Yep. Even to this date, Halo 2 is still at number 1 each week for "Original Xbox Top Live Titles", according to Major Nelson'sblog. But really, you didn't even have to read his blog to know that.

That's why we at GamesRadar want to pay our respects to Halo 2 before its obituary is posted next week. So blow that dust off your old Halo 2 game, pop it into your Xbox or Xbox 360 and download all the map packs - they're free (there are four to download, so don't wait until the last minute). Then join us Monday, April 12th for our Halo 2 multiplayer night at 7 p.m. EST until midnight. We'll be playing under these gamertags, so don't forget to add us!

eizzil doll

A bit out of practice? Not a problem. OXM will also be playing Halo 2 TONIGHT!

OXM Versus -- Halo 2
Thursday, April 8, 2010
7 p.m. EST/4 p.m. PST

Look for Francesca OXM, Corey OXM, Paul OXM, Ryan OXM, and Intern OXM on Xbox Live. For more details, follow them on Twitter@OXM.

See you on Xbox Live! You can also check out ourevent on Facebook to RSVP, connect, and see who's playing!

Apr 8, 2010

GamesRadar Verdict: [ 8 ] Great You'll love: + Stunning graphics + Impressive AI + Replay value You'll hate: - Getting your ass beat at Halo - Jealousy - Heartbreak