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Outer Wilds DLC is on the way according to leak

Outer Wilds
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A Steam database has crawled information suggesting that Outer Wilds DLC is on the way.

Outer Wilds was one of the best-received indie games of the last generation, offering an exceptional sci-fi adventure that combined scientific concepts like time travel and quantum physics with philosophical musings on the meaning of life, as players found themselves in a tiny solar system caught in an endless time loop. It was beautiful, and then it was over. But now it looks like we’re going to be diving back into that universe once again as evidence of Outer Wilds DLC (opens in new tab) has been uncovered on SteamDB, as spotted by Twitter user Simon Carless.

SteamDB, a tool created to give players and developers a better insight into stats within Valve's platform, has pulled evidence of a DLC pack called Outer Wilds - Echoes of the Eye. It's looking more likely to be DLC than a standalone project as it lists Outer Wilds as the parent entry in the Steam database.  To add fuel to the fire,  Outer Wilds publisher Annapurna Interactive responded to the leak on Twitter with a cheeky post of an eye emoji, seemingly acknowledging the rumours around the project.

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We don’t know anything more about the Outer Wilds DLC at this time, and the main game wrapped everything up in such a perfect ending that it’s difficult to see what new space a DLC pack could explore. That said, players who have completed Outer Wilds will be familiar with the Eye of the Universe, which is a major location in the game, so it seems likely that we could be returning there in some fashion.

Outer Wilds originally launched on Xbox One and PC back in 2019, before arriving on PS4 a little later. The game sees you take control of an unnamed alien space explorer who finds themselves caught in an endless time loop that leads to the destruction of their solar system. Everything you do resets when the sun goes supernova, so the game becomes about what you’ve learned rather than what you’ve done as you struggle to figure out how to save your world from annihilation.

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