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Oscars 2010: Beat The Team Winner Revealed

Last week we reported that the illustrious, cine-savvy and well respected Total Film team had only managed to guess 6/10 Oscar winners correctly.

It turns out that you lot are much better at this gambling lark than we are - here's how you did;

Entries: 1335 in total

273 scored 7/10 (20%)

67 scored 8/10 (5%)

11 scored 9/10 (1%)

We always knew our readers were a well-informed bunch, but that is a very impressive haul!

The competition rules said that whoever scored more than us would be eligible - so we pooled all those who scored more than 6/10 and pulled a name out of the hat.

And without further adieu... here is the winner;

Stephen Comer !

- an email with details of how to claim the prize is on it's way to you now!

Thanks for all your entries, and for following our live Twitter feed on the night.

How many did you guess right? Let us know!