Online Resistance content starts this March

Say what you will about the recent skirmishes in this ugly war of consoles, Sony is leading the charge when it comes to giving Microsoft the stiff online competition. Whereas Nintendo has given us little more than the ability to vote on our favorite snacks and horsies (Sour Cream and Cheddar Ruffles and Shetland ponies - end of discussion), Playstation 3 is about to go ballistic on your modem with fistfuls of new content. If Tekken 5 and the otherrecent "announcements"bleeding through your broadband weren't enough, the PS3's most notable title, Resistance: Fall of Man, is receiving a massive online upgrade in the coming months.

Just in time for the European release of the Playstation 3, two brand new modes in which men may fall will be up for the download starting March 23. Assault mode focuses on whittling away your opponents defenses before you lay waste to their base, and Team Conversion mode is mostly an expanded version of the single-player Conversion, starting both teams off as human with one life on each side.