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New No Time to Die trailer proves Daniel Craig's James Bond is going out with a bang

It's time: the new (and probably final) trailer for No Time to Die is here.

Focusing on Rami Malek's Safin ("Your enemy is my enemy," Bond tells the returning Madeline Swann) as well as two of the new women in 007's life, the No Time to Die trailer goes globetrotting, going from Italy to London, to Chile.

It's in Chile's capital, Santiago, where Daniel Craig's secret agent meets Ana de Armas' ass-kicking Paloma as well as the new 00-Agent in the form of Lashana Lynch's quippy Nomi. Each will surely have a major impact on how Daniel Craig bows out, but it's the personal ties to Lea Seydoux's Madeline Swann that drives the movie. Well, that and the DB5.

Malek's Big Bad gets some more time in the spotlight. The masked villain draws parallels between himself and Bond, something many a villain has done in the past. It doesn't tend to end up well for them.

Then, it spirals out into a mix of Bond's best bits, new and old: Monty Norman's iconic theme blares as there's a car chases, Bond doing the barrel gunshot turn, and some Skyfall-style hand-to-hand combat. Most importantly, No Time to Die sticks to its guns: there's no delay; it's still out this November and it's "in cinemas" too.

No Time to Die, which marks Daniel Craig's fifth and final time stepping into the shoes of James Bond as well as the franchise's 25th entry, is out on November 12 in the United Kingdom and November 20 in the US.

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