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NIS giving away exclusive downloads to anyone who donates $1 to Japan disaster relief

Just donate $1 through the NISA online storehere(accepts PayPal!), andNIS willsend you exclusive wallpapers, avatars and banners as a thank you for helping out.We don't know exactly what the graphics set includes, but we can't wait to see what treats it contains.NISissending out the downloadable pack once daily to everyone who donated within the last 24 hours, so when you donate you might have to wait a bit before you receive it in your email.

Thousands ofpeople are still being affected by the diaster (with about163,000 people still in shelters),so it's still vitally important to give what you can. Think of what all those Prinnies are willing to sacrifice for Etna - how can you say no to $1?

Apr 6, 2011

Life is nature's way of keeping meat fresh.