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New trailer lands for Burying The Ex

A new trailer has appeared online for Burying The Ex, Joe Dante’s horror comedy in which Anton Yelchin’s attempts to move on from the death of his ex-girlfriend (Ashley Greene) are thrown of course by her sudden resurrection…

Having started dating the lovely Olivia (Alexandra Daddario), things finally seem to be looking up for Yelchin’s character. However, when his ex comes shambling back onto the scene, things understandably grow more complicated.

Take a look at the new trailer, below…

With Life After Beth having mined fairly similar ground as recently as last year, the premise doesn’t feel quite as fresh as it might otherwise have done, but being that it is the first Joe Dante film since Holes in 2009 we’ll still be making time for this one…

Co-starring Oliver Cooper and Erica Bowie, Burying The Ex will open in the US on 19 June 2015. A UK date has yet to be confirmed.

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George Wales
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