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New Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition screens bring new info with them

Capcom's Japanese site has just put up some fresh, though sadly 2D, shots of SSFIV 3D Edition, and things seem to be coming along nicely. The screens clearly show that most of the core roster from SFIV will be included; Ryu, Ken, C. Viper, Blanka, Zangief, Chun-Li and Sagat are all in. No word on the rest of the cast, but we can%26rsquo;t imagine them calling it Super SFIV without fan favorite Juri making an appearance.

Above: Fortunately, Street Fighter health care features full dental

The new Ultras are also in, as you can clearly see Ryu clocking Ken with his new Metsu Shoryuken. All told, the game looks surprisingly nice for a portable version, visually besting the better than expected iPhone SFIV from earlier this year. It'll be interesting to see what Capcom does with the 3D effects, but we have the sneaking suspicion they'll mostly be relegated to the Ultra animations; the last thing a fighting game needs is a disorienting swooping camera and weird effects in the middle of a fight.

Above: Viper an Chun in the middle of a heated dance-off

While little has been said about the game's mechanics, judging from the pics it looks like it'll be a straight port as far as gameplay goes, with all the FADCs, Ultras, and kara throws you know and love. Given its portable nature though, expect some more casual friendly options like the ones from the iPhone port; tapping the Ultra and Super gauges automatically activated the moves in that version, which did a lot to help overcome the potentially difficult touch screen inputs. A lot depends on the responsiveness of the 3DS%26rsquo;s analog nub and d-pad, though expect touch screen control options as well. Whether or not moves will be tweaked from the console version remains to be seen, but if not, SSFIV 3D could be an excellent on-the-go training tool for all the die-hard players out there.

I constantly dream of meaty jumping roundhouses and the glorious combos that follow, so having a portable fix of the real deal is looking, as M.Bison would say, "Delicious!"

July 29, 2010