New Ninja Gaiden Sigma screens

There's an extra hour of sunshine in our day:Japan's resident badboy developer Tecmo has released new Ninja Gaiden Sigma screens - we can think of much, much worse ways to start the week.

In case you missed it, Sigma is essentially a prettier PS3 update of 2005's excellent Xbox entry Ninja Gaiden Black, expanded with dual-sword combat and the lovely Rachel as a playable character.

In case you missed it, we recently interviewed the game's director Yosuke Hayashi, where he explicitly told us that Sigma is way more than just a port of Ninja Gaiden: Black. Hit this link for the full interview, and hit the Images tab above for all of the new screens.

If all goes well it'll be playing on our still dust-free PS3s this June.

March 26, 2007