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New Homefront developer diary focuses on multiplayer, promises 'epic vehicular warfare'

Homefront is one of the most interesting-looking FPS war games in the 2011 release docket, both in the singleplayer and multiplayer departments. Recently, THQ released the game's first developer diary, which focused on the story, and today it has released another behind-the-scenes video to show off the game's multiplayer experience:

To avoid becoming 'yet another' online shooter, with the same mechanics of every other, Homefront will introduce features such as the ability to move between maps during one skirmish.

And then there's the most important feature of the game: vehicles. The development team likes to say it's "epic vehicular warfare," which sounds totally cool to us. Get some friends together and start shooting helicopters at tanks, and tanks at Humvees, and no one can say that ain't a good time. Well, not literally "shooting helicopters at tanks," like out of a big helicopter gun. But that would be cool too.

In related news, THQ CEO Brian Farrelltold investors last nightthat the publisher will reduce its focus on licensed kid's games, and direct more attentiontoward its original IPs, which includes Homefront.

Dec 3, 2010