Modern Warfare 2's coolest Easter eggs

Robert Bowling cameo

Above: Tough love from @fourzerotwo

You’ve probably heard of Robert Bowling, aka @fourzerotwo: he’s the public face of Modern Warfare 2 on the internets. During one of our sessions with Infinity Ward, Robert let us in on a fun little insider fact – that’s his voice screaming advice at you during the training exercise in the pit. But don’t get the wrong idea: in person he’s a really nice guy.

Sniper roost on Highrise

Here’s another gem we gleaned from our time with Infinity Ward. Robert showed us a cleverly hidden sniper roost on the Highrise map. Aside from being a choice spot for racking up killstreaks, the area is littered with IW’s trademark teddy bears and a bunch of empty water bottles (presumably left behind by all the sniping little bitches who’ve been camping up there.) This spot was made for Tactical Insertion!

Get the hint?

Above: Effing noob

In the opening mission, Team Player, you’re to man a mounted turret as your convoy crosses a bridge into town. If you try to run ahead of the convoy on foot, sniper fire quickly cuts you down. The death screen, usually reserved for appalling factoids or pithy war-related insights from famous men, instead quips “It would be safer to ride in the convoy.” You got served.

Fiery hoses

Above: Somebody call MythBusters

If you blow up the pumps at the Nova gas station, the pump handles writhe and spout flames in every direction. This probably doesn’t count as an according-to-Hoyle Easter egg, but it was cool enough that we took a break from defending the homeland to set part of it on fire.