Modern Warfare 2's coolest Easter eggs

Closing credits

Last time, we got a saucy rap song. This time, Infinity Ward has crafted a surreal series of dioramas for the credits. It’s like a moving wax museum with a display for each mission, rounded out with production personnel pacing the halls with headsets and clipboards. If you haven’t already beaten the campaign, you must see it for yourself.

Reading material

Was it overly callous of us to do some duty-free shopping while Makarov and his thugs did their dirty work? One thing we noticed was the fine selection of magazines on offer in the airport shops. When the tides of war brought us back to the USA, we couldn’t help but notice that the Nova gas station had most of the same titles on display (with translated titles, naturally.) And you thought print was a dead medium!


Modern Warfare 2’s streets and alleys are tagged up with loads of cool graffiti, including this Infinity Ward logo, rad South American band posters and Warhol-esque pop street art.

Soap gives Price back his pistol

Above: This one’s for shooting, this one’s for fun

Who could forget the motion-blurred (or were those tears?) climax of Call of Duty 4, when the critically wounded Captain Price chucked his pistol over to Soap for a final desperate shot at Zakhaev? Upon rescuing Price from a Russian gulag in MW2, Soap nonchalantly hands the pistol back to him and says, “This belongs to you.” Before the lads can get all weepy about it, the poignancy of the scene is interrupted by explosions and shit, followed by a frantic near-death escape that would make Michael Bay soil his pants. Though Soap and Price never spoke of it again, neither man would forget that moment to their dying day.