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Mega Man X marks the… vacant Mexican real estate?

The sheer amount of our seemingly discarded franchises that remain popular South of the Border never ceases to amaze me. Just last week I had my mind blownbythe baffling announcement of a new theatrical, 3D film starring Hanna-Barbera%26rsquo;s Top Cat, who%26rsquo;s apparently found life-after-Boomerang followinga decade-longstateside irrelevance. Then along comes this billboard, which while considerably less official, is%26hellip; if I may resurrect some freshman year Spanish, *ahem*%26ldquo;muy mucho spectacularios!%26rdquo;

Above: Roughly translates to "Mega Available!" I, for one, very much gusta

These images have been making the rounds onSpanish-speakingblogsfor some time now, but they%26rsquo;ve only just come to my, andmore importantly,Capcom%26rsquo;s attention, very recently. Again%26hellip; there hasn%26rsquo;t been a new Mega Man X game in damn near seven years (give or takea Collection.) Does the %26ldquo;Hombre de Roca Equis%26rdquo; still hold that much sway over the Mexican populace? Hmmm... perhaps Capcom should look into a future ambassadorship before equipping the Gavel Cease-and-Desister Weapon (earned following the defeat of Mega Man X6 boss, Legal Beagle. Know your Mega Man history, folks!)

Feb 28, 2011