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"Meet the Pyro" TF2 video arrives and it's amazing, horrifying

Unfortunately, Meet the Pyro will likely be the very last of the official Meet the Team videos that we've enjoyed so much over the years. However, we're likely going to hear more about Valve's TF2 collaboration with Adult Swim soon. You may notice that the end of the video features the "Source Filmmaker" logo for Valve's machinima tools, which might possibly be related to the Adult Swim announcement. So perhaps we'll have more to look forward to after all.

When designing the long-awaited Meet the Pyro video, Valve was likely faced with a dilemma: how do you make this person - who burns people alive while axing others to death - endearing and funny to a mass audience? Miraculously, Valve found a solution to that dilemma, and the results are priceless.