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Mark Wahlberg adds two more projects to his slate

Mark Wahlberg has added two more projects to his already ample line-up.

Following the success of The Fighter , Wahlberg has been attached to a string of new projects as an actor and producer. Various reports (compiled by Collider) are now linking him to When Corruption Was King and a remake of Billy Jack .

Wahlberg will produce both films (with partner Stephen Levinson), and he could potentially star in them as well.

When Corruption Was King is based on mob attorney Robert Cooley's memoirs. The subtitle ( How I Helped the Mob Rule Chicago, then Brought the Outfit Down ) is a useful summary of the movie-friendly events therein.

Billy Jack was a gunslinging modern cowboy played by Tom Laughlin over a number of movies. In his eponymous 1971 movie, he helped a school full of hippie students defend themselves from the anti-counterculture townsfolk.

While there's a suggestion that Billy Jack could be updated to become a zeitgeisty actioner, a tongue-in-cheek Starsky and Hutch -type remake would play perfectly to Wahlberg's penchant for action and comedy (think The Other Guys ).

Whether he'll actually get round to starring in either of these movies is another matter entirely. The biggest film on his schedule is David O. Russell's videogame adaptation Uncharted , and he's also got Seth McFarlane's Ted lined up.

After that he's possibly got action-comedy Bait and Switch to star in, and those rumours of a Fighter sequel just won't go away.