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Lightning cosplay is- wait, are you sure that's not just a screenshot?

Thanks to the widespread availability of materials, blueprints, and tools, being a cosplay artist is easier than ever these days. That said, there are still people who manage to take cosplay to the next level to create something absolutely jaw-dropping. People like Kilory (opens in new tab), who has a stunning set of photos with her dressed as Lightning from Final Fantasy.

Now, if you were to see Kilory on the street wearing this outfit, I doubt the illusion would be quite so complete. Professional photography means the best possible lighting, the sharpest image, and touch-ups here and there. For example, in the picture with her facing straight forward, it looks like Kilory's face has been smoothed and her eyes saturated to make them pop a bit more.

That being said, it's clear that the costume was a major effort, and even the best Photoshop job can't take that away from these pics. I say kudos to you, Kilory - this is a cosplay worthy of a Louis Vuitton ad (opens in new tab).

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