Kung Phooey! review

After the Peach Of Eternal Youth is stolen from China's legendary Shur-Li Temple, star pupil Art Chew (Hong Kong high-kicker Michael Chow) is charged with ensuring its safe return. Aided by the beautiful Sue Shee, he must defeat the mighty One Ton - not to mention his henchmen Lo Fat and Non Fat - if the Peach is to find its way back to the ancient guardians, Master Kee, Master Lock and Master Card...

You can see where this one's going, can't you? Part Enter The Dragon, part Airplane!, Kung Phooey! puts yet another goofball spin on your classic chop-socky plot. Most of the one-liners have been wheeled out a million times before - not least in last year's Kung Pow!: Enter The Fist, which incidentally has already received the greenlight for a 2004 sequel - - but look out for some neat touches alongside the oh-so-punny character names (A short-arsed martial-arts assassin from Belgium - anyone?)

Okay, it's a long way off Spinal Tap, but Kung Phooey! comes with a mile-wide grin and a gag-a-minute work-rate that's hard to resist.

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