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John Walker to be replaced as U.S. Agent in January

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

John Walker made his name as a superhero by taking over the identity of Captain America when Steve Rogers quit due to disagreeing with his orders. Now, it seems turnabout will become fair play when Walker's longtime identity of U.S. Agent, which he took on after giving Captain America's shield and costume back to Rogers, will be given to someone else in January's US Agent #3, as revealed in Marvel's just-released January 2021 solicitations.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Written by Christopher Priest with art from Georges Jeanty, the November-launching five-issue limited series focuses on Walker being fired by the government and moved to private contractor status, operating in a totally different capacity from his usual motives as an agent of the U.S. military.

"Having abandoned his mission to assist the skeleton crew guarding a long-abandoned SHIELD facility in Appalachia, John Walker heads to Washington to confront the politicians who engineered his firing," reads Marvel's solicitation text.

"Meanwhile, the ruthless and enigmatic new U.S. Agent has arrived to take over Walker's mission and is willing to destroy anything and anyone who gets in his way."

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Ruthless and enigmatic sounds something like Walker himself – who was a far more violent and ideologically-charged Captain America than his predecessor Steve Rogers.

Walker will appear in the upcoming Disney Plus streaming series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, played by Wyatt Russell, in which it seems likely that Walker's MCU story may mimic his comic book origins somewhat, potentially clashing with Sam Wilson/the Falcon, Steve's chosen successor, over who gets the mantle of Captain America.

US Agent #3 (of 5) is due out January 27.

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