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Japan gets Street Fighter-inspired Scott Pilgrim cover. No Fair!

Man it’s been a while since we performed a Scott Pilgrim circle jerk! It ain’t our fault! Boththe gameandthe movieare out now in homes everywhere, andthe incredible comic serieshas been concluded for a while now. But lo! A new bit of Scott Pilgrim coolness has come our way, and it’s from Japan so you know this is going to be a news post of epic epicness!

Above: Did we mention this was awesome?!

It seems the last of the Scott Pilgrim comic saga are only just now reaching Japan. Not only are they getting Scott Pilgrim vs The Universe and Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour bundled into one badass edition, the singular tomehas cover art inspired by Ryu and Akuma’s famous pose from Street Fighter Alpha 2! Hey, give us a reason to buy anything Pilgrim related again and we’ll probably do it. How do you say “pre-order” in Japanese?

Above: That'd probably make akickass iPhone Wallpaper. UR WELCUM!

Apr 19, 2011

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