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Jackass and Zombieland go 3D

The wave of 3D currently sweeping the big screen is set to continue in style as Zombieland 2 and Jackass 3 prepare to make us pull on our special specs.

The Zombieland team are in final talks with Sony about making a sequel in 3D. There are no details on the plot yet, but producer Gavin Polone says, "Everyone had fun watching Zombieland ; making it a more visceral experience can only make it better.

"I don't think you want to see Ordinary People in 3D. But Zombieland is clearly one movie that will benefit."

Meanwhile, the third Jackass movie has been greenlit by Paramount and we're already wincing at the thought of what lovely images will be popping out of the screen and landing in our popcorn.

Considering the first two films' fascination with nudity and things being inserted into human bodies... well, perhaps we won't be eating that popcorn anyway.

3D features have been experiencing a renaissance recently, with most examples being either horror ( My Bloody Valentine ) or children's films ( Monsters Vs Aliens ).

However, with more films being greenlit every day and the '3D-can't-get-much-bigger-than-this' Avatar imminent, will we have had our fill of the format by the time Zombieland 2 and Jackass 3 hit cinemas?

Johnny Knoxville maiming himself in 3D... Ultimate gross-out or stupid gimmick? Let us know your thoughts.