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It Takes Two features a cameo from A Way Out's Leo and Vincent

It Takes Two review
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It Takes Two, the co-op 3D puzzle platformer from Josef Fares’ studio Hazelight is hiding an instantly recognisable reference to previous game A Way Out

Found in Chapter 3, where May and Cody traverse the pillow fort set up in their daughter’s bedroom, players can find two battery-operated dolls which resemble A Way Out main characters Leo and Vincent. Take a look at their cameo below: 

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When playable characters Cody and May discover the escaped convicts, Cody notes that: “they’re from my favourite video game” giving this cameo another 'I see what you did there' moment. 

If players interact with the figures, Leo and Vincent will recite lines from their game, however, if players decide to “collaborate!” and jump on the buttons at the same time, a short cutscene will play where the two characters interact with each other.

This isn’t the only easter egg found in the game as players can also find a nod to Hazelight Studios head Josef Fares’ now famous Game Awards speech from 2017 in the same area.

As well as fun cameos, It Takes Two is also full of 25 varied and entertaining mini-games from Whack-A-Mole, to Tug of War as well as several others. What the game doesn’t have though is any collectibles, as the outspoken video game developer Fares’ himself said that players “don't need this sh*t.” Fares did also promise to give anyone who gets bored playing It Takes Two $1,000 as "It's impossible [...] to get tired of this game."

The beauty of this game, as well as A Way Out, is that players only need to purchase one copy in order to play together online, as highlighted during It Takes Two’s Future Game Show: Spring Showcase appearance. 

Want to give this game a try? Did you know that It Takes Two has a free demo hiding in plain sight?

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