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iPhone game of the day: Trip to Heaven

Game: Trip to Heaven
Price: $0.99
Size: 12.0MB
Buy it now from the iTunes Store:US/UK

I'll be perfectly honest. You probably shouldn't spend any money on this game, even the mere buck that is being asked. However, this game is just so inherently ludicrous that it deserves mentioning, not least for its potential blasphemy, and farting ghost pigs.

Trip to Heaven stars a dead boy who accidentally killed himself by flipping a pencil into his head. Now a floating spirit, the boy must make his way to Heaven, avoiding crows, devils, and the backdoor gas of porcine spectres.

The game itself is alright, but certainly not fantastic, and it could do with more responsive controls. You move the boy around the screen by flicking with your finger to create gusts of wind. Along the way you can pick up Bibles for health, just because you can. The silly graphics and the very catchy music help cement this as a quirky game designed for a cheap laugh.

That said, I still can't quite work out if this is meant to be pro-Christianity or a rather blasphemous little title. When you die, God himself appears and makes fun of you, ostensibly mocking you for not making it to Heaven. I'm not sure how kosher that is, but I quite like it nonetheless.

Oct 8, 2010