Indie developers let you decide how much their games are worth

The independent developers behind World of Goo, Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru HD, and Penumbra: Overture have joined forces to cut out the middle man with the release of theHumble Indie Bundle. The unique package offers DRM-free versions of these underground hits for Windows, Mac, and Linux. But the interesting part is that they%26rsquo;re letting customers name the price.

Above: Here%26rsquo;s the photo that pops up if you try to be too much of a cheapskate. It looks like$1 is the minimum amount required for thebundle

By default, your donation is split evenly between the developers and theChild%26rsquo;s Play charityand theElectronic Frontier Foundation, but you can customize it so that your money goes where you want. According to the bundle%26rsquo;s official site, 50,400 people have bought the bundle at the time of writing. Although the average amount of each contribution is only $7.41, nearly the bundle has managed to raise nearly $400,000.

Above: If you haven%26rsquo;t played World of Goo yet, now%26rsquo;s your chance

Above: Aquaria is another great underground indie hit included in the bundle

While we haven%26rsquo;t played much of Gish or Lugaru, we have lots of praises forWorld of GooandAquaria%26ndash; and even though we may not be huge fans ofPenumbra: Overture, it is one of the few genuinely scary %26ldquo;horror%26rdquo; games out there. Plus, the price is always going to be right, because you%26rsquo;re the one who%26rsquo;s deciding on how much you want to donate. We hope to see more projects like the Humble Indie Bundle soon. It%26rsquo;s good for indie game developers and helps two great charities. But thanks to the donation payment model, it%26rsquo;s the customer who%26rsquo;s the real winner with a great bundle of games for a reasonable price.

Above: Pay as much or as little as you want for the Humble Indie Bundle

May 6, 2010