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ilomilo walkthrough and achievement video guide

Chapter 2

Marine Blue

1) Take the left path from the central platform, grab the trap door block and place it at the very end of the path. Drop through to grab the soundtrack gallery piece.

2) Return to your starting location with the block in hand and place it to the side of the platform. Drop through and use both carpets to reach the green safka. Return to your starting location and pick up the block.

3) Place the block so that it fills the gap between the second platform and the vertical pillar. Fall through and use the carpets on the pillar to reach the purple safka. Use the trap door block to access the floating platform with four carpets in the center of it.

4) Switch to Ilo, use the jump pad and walk past the carpets through the gap to reach the picture gallery piece.

5) Use the carpets to locate the yellow safka, return to the surface and use the second jump pad to reach Milo and unite.

Silent Ocean

1) Use the carpets to reach the trap door block. Place it at the end of the pathway you got it from and fall through to sneak past the cube stealer. Pick up the purple safka and use the trap door to return to the other side. Place the trap door on the block plate near Milo’s location.

2) Switch to Milo, pick up the trap door block. Place it in front of his starting cube to access the hidden picture gallery piece.

3) Return to the other side of the pathway and use the carpet on the side nearest Ilo. Use the trap door block to flip sides and grab the green safka.

4) Return, use the next carpet and pick up the yellow safka. Continue along the untraveled path, use the carpet and use the trap door block once more to reach the soundtrack gallery piece. Backtrack and place the trap door block next to the plunger cube (the cube where you found the yellow safka).

5) Switch to Ilo and stand on the block directly across from the plunger.

6) Switch to Milo, press the plunger button and unite.

Water Breathing

1) Travel forward, turn left past the cube stealer and next to the gap.

2) Switch to Milo, move forward and distract the monster block to create a bridge.

3) Switch to Ilo, grab the yellow safka and the single block. Use it to cross the next gap, pick it up once more and drop in above the gap at the end of the path.

4) Switch to Milo, use the carpets and grab the single block. Use it to reach the purple safka, then continue on past the gaps of the upper level. After using the first carpet, there are three more carpets. Using all three will net you the green safka, picture gallery piece and soundtrack gallery piece. Place the single block in the gap nearest Ilo, then end by standing next to the monster block.

5) Switch to Ilo, use the block to backtrack and unite.

Air Bubbles

1) Go left at the start to get the purple safka. Continue to the right of the starting platform to find the soundtrack gallery piece.

2) Switch to Ilo and trap the moving beast against Milo’s platform. Move Milo on top of the beast and use Ilo to direct it to the platform with the single block on top of it.

3) Switch to Milo, grab the single block, wait for the beast to move away and place it so that Ilo can pick it up.

4) Switch to Ilo and use the single block to bridge the gap next to you. Direct the beast once more to Milo’s location, hop on top of the beast, and use Ilo to direct it across to the now accessible platform.

5) Switch to Milo and use the moving beast to reach the platform with the extend block. The picture gallery piece is also on this platform. Place the extend block on the ground and pick it up with Ilo.

6) Travel to the left and circle around the central platform, dropping the extend block in the gap. Pick up the yellow safka straight ahead.

7) Switch to Milo, ride the moving beast to the central platform, making sure to walk around the obstructing blocks in the middle. Hop back on the beast at the next pass and ride him to reach the green safka. Walk off of the beast onto the block with the carpets and unite.