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Horizon: Zero Dawn launch trailer has landscapes so pretty I'm kind of mad about it

The launch trailer for Horizon: Zero Dawn has no spoken words, several robot dinosaurs, and a frankly upsetting number of gorgeous landscapes. I'll warn you before you click "play" on that trailer that it may overwhelm you with righteous indignation. Just who does Horizon think it is, making our post-apocalyptic world look so goddamn beautiful? Does it think Earth would be better off without humans or something? WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY, HORIZON?!

Here are some of the most egregious offenders.

A bit miffed about that elegantly dilapidated tower

Oh come on aurora borealis is just cheating

So are misty waterfalls, honestly

I thought I could trust you, picturesque desert bluff

Even when it's on fire it still looks nice?!

The gall! The absolute nerve! Well, there's no other choice - we'll just have to keep the camera pointed down at the ground the whole time we play Horizon: Zero Dawn. Don't give it the satisfaction of admiring those breathtaking vistas.

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