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Hitman: Absolution silent assassin rank guide - how to stealthily eliminate all of your targets

Mission 14: Attack of the Saints [Part 1]

Above video: How to eliminate Jennifer Paxton

The Saints might be pros in scantily clad nun outfits, but they’re pieces of cake if you stay hidden. And if you haven’t already gotten into the habit, try to keep a diversionary item (brick, iron, etc.) with you as often as possible.

After exiting the rubble, turn left, walk a bit and hide in the freezer. Peek out, watch and wait for Jennifer and her henchmen to walk by, left to right.

Exit the freezer and follow Jennifer. Wait until the henchmen walk into the rubble and use the garrote on her. Continue along the balcony and activate the checkpoint.

Above video: How to eliminate Heather McCarthy

From the checkpoint, go down the stairs and stay in cover. Traverse from cover spot to cover spot until your reach the corner of the complex. There you’ll find some poison, which you should take. Make your way back to the staircase using the previous cover tactics.

See the series of cars to your left? You’ll want to move behind them, so throw a diversionary item so that no one is looking in that direction. Go past the cars and hug the left side of the bus. Then throw another diversionary item to the left corner of the high wall nearby. A guard will check out the noise, which is where you kill him with the garrote. Take the nearby explosive, the assault rifle, and if you like, his uniform.

Make your way to the front of the bus and into the golf course on the left. Quickly take out the guard before he executes the civilian. Move forward along the golf path where you’ll see the rest of the course. Notice the lone guard to the left. Wait for him to walk away from you and toward the bar. Approach him until you reach the Adventure Golf sign. Throw a diversionary item to the right. This will free up a path so you can hide behind the tiki bar.

From cover of the bar, you can study Heather’s patrol movements. Once she approaches the bar, wait until her back is to you. Then move quickly (while crouched) toward the bar at the opposite end of the area. Approach the food processor and add the poison. Go behind the bar and wait for Heather to drink it. She’ll die, giving you another batch of points. The only thing left is to exit the area, which you passed by when walking to this bar.

Above video: How to eliminate the Radonic Sisters

While hugging the doorway leading to the reception, throw an item across the reception desk to distract one of the sisters and the guard. Then make your way through the two doors, leading to an outdoor area with a car, a barbecue grill, and two guards. Move past the car and into a high walled area. Throw an item at the corner of the wall to get someone’s attention. The goal here is to get their outfit.

Once you have the disguise, make your way to the two gas pumps, using some Instinct to stay unnoticed. Open both pumps and drop the remote explosive you picked up in the previous area. Walk to the barbecue grill and wait until both sisters are close to each other, near the gas pumps. Once that happens, detonate the explosive. Wait for the commotion to die down before exiting the area.

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