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Hitman: Absolution silent assassin rank guide - how to stealthily eliminate all of your targets

Mission 9: Shaving Lenny [Part 1]

Unlike ‘Hunter and the Hunted’, where you only have to focus on one section for assassinations, the targets in ‘Shaving Lenny’ are split evenly between its two sections, three targets each. As long as your combined point total is high, you actually do not need to get the Silent Assassin rank for both sections. You might still get an overall Silent Assassin rank for the level itself.

Above video: How to eliminate Tyler Colvin

At the start of the level, walk forward into the intersection, and turn left. To your left will be a store where Tyler Colvin just exited. Don’t kill him just yet. Step foot in the store, at which point the lady will tell you it’s closed. You want to make it past the hanging beads at the end of the counter without being detected. So crouch and hug the counter opposite the woman.

Make your way up the stairs and go into the room. Position yourself at the other side of the door you just opened. It’ll a minute for Tyler to return, so hang tight. As he enters the room, you can take him out immediate or stay hidden and enjoy some side story exposition as he gets into a heated exchange over the phone. Either way, his back will be facing you, making him an easy kill. Stow him away in the wardrobe, and make your way downstairs. Remember to crouch and hug the counter on your way out.

Above video: How to eliminate Landon Metcalf

Starting at the store, just head straight into the car repair shop. Keep walking until you see the red two-door car. You might need to hide behind the pillar in front of the car to remain undetected. Make your way left, where a door is facing the back of the car. Go through the door.

Staying crouched, exit through the other end of the room, where you’ll enter the main garage. In front of you are a stack of tires. If you don’t already have a diversionary item to throw, grab a wrench. Turn left and another left, leading you up a staircase. As you approach the top of the stairs, hug the left wall. You’ll see three guys, and you’ll need to distract the closest one by throwing the wrench. A good place to throw it would be the upper left corner of the room. Once they’re distracted, make a right from the top of the stairs and then another right into the kitchen.

Go through the door that’s right of the oven. From the first available cover spot, you can see down a long hallway. Go as fast as you can--while crouched--through that hallway and through the door unto the balcony. Hide behind the tool drawer and wait for Landon to show up. He’s an easy kill when he appears and we didn’t worry about hiding him.

Go all what back to the kitchen and make a right. There’s another door at the other end of the kitchen. Go through it. Go to the bottom of the stairs for the next kill. You can also enter the small room on the left to mark a checkpoint.

Above video: How to eliminate Gavin LeBlond

Of the six kills in this level, this one requires the most precise timing and radar use. When you reach the door at the bottom of the steps, open it but don’t go through it just yet. To your right will be a mechanic who's walking pattern goes back and forth you’ll want to move only when he’s walking away from the car he’s working on. Time your movements and head toward the other opening of that garage. There you’ll see a purple car and a guard with his back to you. While still being mindful of the mechanic, subdue the guard and stow him away in the container.

At this point you might see Gavin’s icon on the radar heading toward you. Hide against the driver side door of the purple car and wait for him to walk by, but don’t wait too long or else he’ll be in the mechanic’s field of vision. Eliminate Gavin, put him in a dumpster and exit this section through the nearby door.

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