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Hideo Kojima pays tribute to Stan Lee, and remembers when Lee dressed as Revolver Ocelot to present an award

The sad news that Stan Lee is dead has garnered countless tributes from fans and stars alike. His contribution to the world through his characters, and the message that being different was a strength not a weakness, shaped culture for decades. Long before 10 years of the MCU made him a globally recognised figure. 

One of the celebrities tweeting tributes has been Death Stranding and Metal Gear director Hideo Kojima:  

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As well as tweeting his own tributes, and messages from other stars like Death Stranding's Norman Reedus, Kojima also tweeted out a clip of the time Stan Lee dressed as Revolver Ocelot to give Kojima a 'Legend' award at the 2004 G-Phoria Awards: 

As you can see, Lee, dressed in Metal Gear Solid gear announces himself as Revolver Ocelot, before giving the award to Kojima, who totally geeks out. 

It's not the only time the comic legend has spoken to Kojima, with Lee giving a special messages at Metal Gear's 2007 20th Anniversary celebration.  

While those two appearances led some fans to wonder if Lee was actually a Metal Gear fan, it's more likely Kojima was the fan. He's tweeted out pictures before of his Stan Lee figure for example, and after the news of Lee's death added this image:

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If you want to remember the great man in action then here's all the Stan Lee cameos from the Marvel movies cameo.

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