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Hey UK readers! Want a Final Fantasy XIV beta key?

Hey you! GamesRadar UK reader. Are you doing anything interesting this weekend? No? How would you like a free Beta Key for the Final Fantasy XIV limited-access beta on PS3? You can spend the next few weekends knocking the crap of out of the vast city states of Limsa Lominsa, Ul’dah and Gridania.

OK, now pay attention because this next bit is very, very important. Are you based in the US? This is NOT for you.

There are two steps you need to take in order to start playing the Beta on your PS3.

1) You need to grab your Square Enix Beta Key from here, then register on the Square Enix site. There are instructions on this link about how to register your Square Enix Beta Key.

Done that? Good.

2) Now--and this is important--you need a different code to actually download Final Fantasy XIV from PSN. You can grab that second code here. You must register on the Square website before you download Final Fantasy XIV on your PS3, or it won't work. Once you've downloaded the FFXIV beta, and started it up in your XMB, you'll need to enter your Square Enix account details to play.

3) These keys will ONLY WORK IN THE UK. If you are based in the US, these keys will not work--please do not download them. They are useless to you.

Good hunting. We've got 3,500 codes for you, and they're strictly first-come, first-served. Please note that this Final Fantasy XIV Beta will only work from Friday to Sunday for the next four weekends.

Please note--GamesRadar is only a distributor of these Beta Keys. We cannot answer technical questions about the game or Beta. If you have a problem, here is a link to the Square Enix support website.