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Here's how you get the secret Cult Ghost in today's Destiny Heroic Story

Bungie is getting good at hiding secrets in Destiny: The Taken King. From Sleeper Simulant - the Destiny gun that no one can find - to a secret basketball court in the King's Fall Raid. This week's Heroic Story is no exception. Praedyth's Cult Ghost is up for the taking in the Paradox mission, set in the Vault Of Glass. If you know how to find it that is. Good thing we sent Andy Hartup to show you how its done.

As reported by Bungie Informeryou'll need to find three ghosts to open a portal to a battle that once completed will reward you with the Cult Ghost. Note, it will just net you motes and rep back at the Tower but hey, secret.

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Louise Blain

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