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Halo: The Fall of Reach trailer proves once and for all: Master Chief is a redhead

What does Master Chief look like under that helmet? Wonder no longer thanks to this trailer for The Fall of Reach, an animated mini-series that will debut as part of the Halo 5 Digital Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, and Collector's Edition on October 27. Watch below to see Chief before he became Chief:

The funny thing is, despite never showing his face in any of the Halo games, we already know from outside sources what Chief looks like. Or at least we would, if they didn't conflict with one another. According to a description in Eric Nylund's "The Fall of Reach" (the novel that the animated series is adapting), Master Chief has "tousled brown hair," blue eyes, and freckles. According to franchise director Frank O'Connor though, he has "reddish" hair.

The way he's depicted in the trailer, I'd say John is a redhead. But maybe it's just the lighting… Oh man, I hope this doesn't start another "what color is the dress" meme.

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