Guy X review

Abandoned on a desolate Arctic airstrip while en route to another assignment, soldier Rudy Spruance (Jason Biggs) is stranded at a military base populated with the army's drop-outs and no-marks. Reluctantly engaged as the camp's newsletter editor by the zealous Colonel Woolwrap (Jeremy Northam), he repeatedly attempts to escape, before starting to investigate the camp's dark secret...

An uneven cross between M*A*S*H and The X-Files, Guy X is an ambitious, if inarticulate, '70s-set morality tale. The undulating daylight of Greenland is artfully rendered and Biggs, Northam and mutual love interest Natascha McElhone create empathetic characters. However, the intended bigger picture of post-Vietnam conspiracies is awkwardly tacked onto what amounts to an only occasionally amusing look at institutionalised ennui.

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